Minneapolis city of major fun

Minneapolis is called the City of Lakes, and for good reason, there are 22 lakes within the city boundaries.  In fact, water is a pretty common occurrence here as the city also spans the mighty Mississippi River.  It is the largest city in the State of Minnesota and is a twin city with Minnesota’s Capital, St Paul.

Minneapolis has been voted as the second most fun city in the USA. It got high marks for its park system and its access to indoor and outdoor recreational activity centres such as tennis courts, ice rinks, baseball fields and golf courses. Also, Minneapolis residents spent a greater than average amount of their disposable income on sporting events, entertainment, outdoor activities such as camping, and participating in sports.

Nearly 40,000 people live in downtown Minneapolis, ensuring that it’s alive around the clock.  

Minneapolis has also been named as America’s most literate city.  It has cultural organisations that draw creative people and audiences to the city for theatre, visual art, writing, and music.  In fact, Minneapolis is second only to New York City for the amount of live theatre available per head of capita.  And Minneapolis’ musical gift to the world was the artist Prince and Bob Dylan was an alma mater of the University of Minnesota.

One interesting way of getting around in Minneapolis-St Paul is via the unique system of skyways.  If it appears that the streets are a tad empty, that’s because the pedestrian are above you, one storey in the air enjoying the glass-encased series of pedestrian tunnels called skyways.  There are about 80 blocks of skyways, and they are a good way to avoid the city’s icy streets in winter and hot pavements in summer.

There are several great places to visit in Minneapolis including the Riverfront District with its idyllic parks and pathways, landmark restaurants and historical attractions.  This area is also home to the Guthrie Theatre, Mill City Museum, Gold Medal Park, St. Anthony Falls, Stone Arch Bridge, Mill Ruins Park, MacPhail Centre for Music.

Also worthy of a visit is the Warehouse District with its weathered brick buildings that once served a century-old industrial boom and which now house hip restaurants, wine bars and art galleries.  For food try “Eat Street,” a 17-block stretch of Nicollet Avenue running south from downtown Minneapolis. Asian flavours abound in noodle shops and authentic markets, while German, Greek, African, Mexican and Middle Eastern cuisine awaits as well.

The Chain of Lakes comprises four interconnected lakes: Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet, Lake of the Isles and Cedar Lake where, depending on the season, you can indulge in swimming, sailing, inline skating, walking, jogging, windsurfing, ice skating, hockey and bicycling.  In other words, if your favourite outdoor activity requires paths and parks, water, snow or ice, there is always something for you to do in Minneapolis – it’s the second best place in the USA to have fun, remember!

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