Mitchell Street Darwin After Dark

MitchellStDuring the day Mitchell Street in Darwin is a reasonably quite street, although a touch touristy. That may be because it’s the street on which some of the backpackers hostels, Internet cafes and tour operators are located, not to mention a smattering of souvenir shops and an attraction where you can swim with live crocodiles. Although, to be fair, you do have a thick piece of glass between you and the croc.

Like the Rest of Darwin, Mitchell Street is pretty laid back and lackadaisical during the day, but this level of activity does change quite dramatically after dark when the hordes come out to party.

There’s really only a couple of blocks on the street which bustle with apr├Ęs tour activity, but those block do get quite boisterous and busy once the sun goes down.

I didn’t actually count the numbers of pub, bars, cafes and fast food joints on the strip, but there are plenty of them, and all of them seem to get packed with resellers who are out for a good time.

It is fair to say that things like security are not as obvious in Darwin as they are in other places, or, to my eye at least, it didn’t seem to be that way. People seem to be allowed,to have fun, as long as they are reasonably well behaved. Loud is okay, obnoxious is not accepted.

The point is that in Darwin you are allowed to let your hair down, just as long it is done in the spirit of frivolity and nothing else.

Of course, not everyone would be enchanted with Mitchell Street, but I liked it. Although I walked along the street on my own after midnight with most places still rocking, I at no time felt threatened or unsafe as I may have in other entertainment and pub districts in Australia. Possibly because most of the patrons are visitors who are on holiday is the reason why it was such an enjoyable experience.

I am coming back to Darwin soon, and Mitchell Street will definitely add Mitchell Street to my ‘must do’ list again.

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