Mobile Nursery


It’s difficult travelling with a baby

If you’ve ever travelled with a baby then you’d know you must carry a lot of equipment – how wonderful would it be to just carry a mobile nursery which doubles as a suitcase?

The answer could be the La Multi 6-in-1 suitcase that caters to parents who travel with babies less than 12 months old. It truly is a mobile nursery, transform from a suitcase into a convenient changing table or collapsing into a feeding table. You can also easily turn bath time into bed time by simply filling up the standing table with water and draining it when its lullaby time!

By combining five of the most important items for any infant child into a convenient mobile suitcase, the multifaceted storage unit gives parents everything they need in one simple product.

A brilliant mobile nursery

La Multi can be converted into any of the following: changing table, tub, bed, feeding chair and versatile baby bouncer. On average, each individual structure of La Multi would cost over several hundred dollars. Rather than purchasing 5 different in-home items for an infant child, La Multi brings all of these items in once place, so it is not only saving family’s space but time and money as well.

La Multi’s compact engineering and ecofriendly design is suitable for any domestic or international travel and weighs 10 kilograms, and can carry up to 68 kilos. La Multi is made of 100% recyclable material which is durable and designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Clever idea and design

La Multi was conceived, designed and patented by an engineer and father from the ground up, with firsthand knowledge of travelling with a baby as well as the importance of structural design.

“I created La Multi after experiencing much frustration while traveling with my baby daughter. I like to travel as efficiently as possible and I found it difficult to pack all of her items”, says Alexis Grignon, CEO and founder of Canailles Dream, the manufacturer of La Multi, and father to a beautiful 5 year-old daughter. “So I put my engineering skills to good use and designed La Multi to accommodate the most important structures for infants and babies. This way they have a home away from home.”

La Multi simply addresses frequent issues that arise when it comes to families traveling with small children. This mobile nursery clears the clutter and helps users focus on what is really important, family and getting to the departure gate on time.

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