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In my continuous search for better travel products I’ve discovered a European-based website called Momondo which will search for flights, car hire. Hotels, holidays and city guides.

What I like about the site is that it is very easy to use, and really clear to see.  It uses a lot of colour differentiate between the information gleaned, and although at first the site looks a bit garish, it actually does work well as it draws your eye to the information that you want.

I did a few searched just to test it out.  If you are looking for airfares, for instance, you simply type in your departure city and arrival city, plus the dates you wish to depart and return and almost instantaneously you get a result which covers the IATA full service airlines and budget airlines which ply the same route on your selected days.  The site also informs you about airlines that didn’t return a result.  Once you choose a particular site, Momondo opens a new window at the airline or agent’s own site so that you can continue to either complete your transaction or garner further information.

Currently, Momondo operates in twelve languages, but two of those are English – the simple misspelt American English, or UK English. The English they speak in the country which invented English (actually, if I wanted to be pedantic, the Brits basically stole the German language and changed it so much the Germans never realised that the world’s number one language for business used to be theirs).

Anyway, is you wish to leave comments arguing about who speaks the best English (Australians, of course – New Zealanders may come second, but they tend to misuse the vowels) feel free to do so.  In the meantime, give a try to see if you like it as much as I.

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