Movie star marina Port Antonio Jamaica

It’s not often that a movie star lends his name to a tourism precinct, and it’s even rarer that one should be named after a movie star who was born on the opposite side of the world.

Jamaica has celebrated the Tasmanian-born movie star Errol Flynn by naming a marina after him at Port Antonio on Jamaica’s north eastern coast.

Errol, of course, was well known for his philandering and for being quite good with a long, swift sword.  Yes! Errol Flynn was a swashbuckler par excellence, and, as Jamaica once played host to some significant pirates, I guess it is fitting that it honours a movie pirate.  In fact, Captain Teague, from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, who was lusciously played by Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards also has a house on Jamaica, but Keith is probably there more for the reggae than for the pieces-of-eight.

It seems that Flynn loved Port Antonio, having once described it as “more beautiful than any woman I have seen”.  There is no disputing that Errol knew a bit about beautiful women, so Port Antonio must indeed be a beautiful place.

It is fitting that Errol Flynn should have a marina named after him as he was an excellent sailor; having learnt the craft sailing around Tasmania and then Sydney Harbour,  and also having captained ships professionally around Papua New Guinea, before becoming a film star.

Port Antonio is located just off the Windward Passage in one of the quieter parts of Jamaica, and it has some stunning beaches which are a little out of the way, so afford you a bit of privacy so you can just lie back and soak up the sun.  One of the main attractions is the Blue Lagoon, which is known to change colour regularly, and is good for swimming, snorkelling and diving.

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