Must not miss a Muskoka waterfall

Muskoka is about 90 minutes North of Toronto that is located on the western side of Georgian Bay in central Ontario, and has been described as “Canada’s favourite year-round vacation destination”, primarily because of its lakes, bays, and waterfalls.

In fact, Muskoka is also called “the waterfall Capital of Canada” because it does seem to have more than its fair share of the world’s waterfalls.  The land around Muskoka is very rocky, and it is this geological feature that is responsible for its high number of waterfalls.

Skeleton Falls are East of Rousseau, just off Highway 141.  There is a bit of a climb down to the falls, but it is worth the effort.  So named because they are on the Skeleton River, the falls are small but attractive and have a very good flow. They are also called Minnehahah Falls, and are close to Hatchery Falls.

Ragged Falls are Northeast of Huntsville, close to Algonquin National Park.  It is a steep cascade, and there is an easy-to-navigate trail next to the falls, which allow you to enjoy them from different perspectives.  Another advantage of Ragged Falls is accessibility as there is a car park lose by.  

One of the most scenic falls is said to be Wilson’s Falls at Bracebridge, which is on the Muskoka River. There is a well-marked trail that can get you to the falls for some spectacular views, and other, rough, trails that can get you closer to them.  The falls are caused by the river tumbling down a long cascade, which is quite spectacular to watch.

As the name suggests, the Muskoka High Falls is one of the highest and steepest falls in the Muskoka region as they have a single drop of over 50 feet.   Although there are good trails in the area views can be limited. There is a private water park and cottages across the lake from which you can get better views of the falls.

One of the easiest falls to view is the Bracebridge Falls, which are located in Bracebridge, however. Because they have been dammed and only a small part of the original falls remain, they are possibly the most disappointing falls to view.  There are 22 falls in or near Bracebridge, so if you are disappointed with the main falls, there are plenty more nearby to keep you intrigued.

Muskoka is a very popular vacation area so there is plenty of accommodation, restaurants, shops and activities in the region, making it a great place to visit.

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