Nature’s way in the Northern Territory

Australia’s Northern Territory is definitely one of the last frontiers.  Accommodating vast stoney deserts, the world’s most picturesque giant rock, ancient Aboriginal culture, a sophisticated capital city, crocodile-infested rivers and beaches and stunning landscapes that are indescribably wild, it is a place of many contrasts.

To see the Northern Territory in total would take many months, so for those with a lust for adventure who also have time restrictions to which they need to adhere, Tourism Northern Territory has created a number of drives which segregate the Territory into areas, and have created itineraries which allow you to investigate those individual regions quite comfortable.

One of those is called Nature’s Way which will introduce you to a wetland wilderness that is steeped in Aboriginal culture and pioneering history.

Nature’s Way is a 5-day itinerary which departs Darwin and takes you to Kakadu National Park, Pine Creek and Litchfield National Park.

The main focus is on Kakadu National Park, which is so magnificent it has also been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kakadu is just 250 kilometres from Darwin, and the main centre there is called Jabiru.  Suggested outings include a visit to the Window on the Wetlands Visitor Centre and also a jumping crocodile cruise on the Adelaide River.  Why is it called a jumping crocodile cruise?  Let’s just say you will get a new respect for just how high a fully grown (several metres in length) saltwater crocodile can leap.  Once you have witnessed this amazing site you will never again sit in a tree branch that hangs out above a crocodile-infested river.    

It is recommended that you spent a few day in Kakadu, and it is such a glorious place that you will want to stay longer.  Because of Kakadu’s size and remoteness one of the best ways to fully appreciate it is from the air.  For a more personal look at Kakadu, join a tour that is conducted by a member of the local Aboriginal community and learn many of the traditions and food gathering secrets that have been handed down through the generations for tens of thousands of years.

After leaving Kakadu, drive the 360 kilometres to Litchfield National Park via the old gold mining town of Pine Creek.  To best enjoy Litchfield try some bushwalking, and also swim in the cool, crocodile-free, water holes or shower under thundering waterfalls.  Litchfield has plenty of permanent water, so is the perfect place to cool off before making the 90 minute drive back to Darwin.

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