New York street swimming

New York’s Summer Streets progam is off and running.  It occurs each Saturday in August between the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park as it reclaims the streets so that people can have fun.

New Yorkers, and visitors, are encouraged to walk, ride and play, to use the streets as entertainment areas. Modelled on a similar scheme in Bogota, Columbia, Summer Streets is part cycle ride and part block party, and this year there is an extra element that will really help New Yorkers to cool off.

The city burghers have set up dumpster trucks, garbage trucks as swimming pools and will park them in different locations to allow folks to have a dip – but there is no skinny dipping allowed!

It turns out that dumpster trucks are the ideal size for swimming pools, but let’s hope they’ve been cleaned out first.  The dumpster pools will be open from 7.30am until 1pm, and swimming is allowed on a first come first in basis.

A great idea and good activity, one you could really immerse yourself in.

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