No sour pusses at the Yukon Sourdough Festival

Everyone knows that Canada is cold in winter.  In fact, it’s not even cold, it’s freezing!  It’s true midwinter temperatures in Canada dip well below the temperature in my freezer, and Canadians revel in it.

Most sane people would stay indoors when winter temperatures plummet, but nobody could ever accuse the residents of Whitehorse in Yukon Territory of ever being sane.  No.  Come February every year the good folk of Whitehorse rush outside to celebrate the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous.

It’s their way of celebrating the Yukon Gold Rush of the 1890s and is said to be the only true, legal and healthy cure for cabin fever.  

Up Yukon way a Sourdough is someone who stays throughout the winter, from `freeze up’ to `thaw’ of the Yukon River, as they so delicately put it.

During the Yukon Sourdough Festival they have many exciting events, such as the Flour Packing Competition, the Axe Toss and the Chainsaw Chuck.  Other events include a Kidsfest, Airshow, Fiddle Show and the Yukon Electrical Queen Tea.

For this competition the candidates prepare and offer tea to guests, an act that is expected to be performed in the most perfect, most polite, most graceful, most charming manner possible. This two-hour judged event allows the candidates an opportunity to be gracefully poised and to actively participate and interact with guests.

The contest I’m most looking forward to is the Beard Grooming, Hairy Leg and Tattoo Contest, which may even be open to men as well as women.

Obviously, the good folk of Whitehorse and the Yukon know how to enjoy themselves, the Yukon Sourdough festival sounds like a real hoot.  If you are planning to attend you may need to wear something warm.

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