Norway where the sun never sets

I have to say that living in a country with a temperate climate, and with the top third of the country above the Tropic of Capricorn and considered tropical, it is really hard for me to envisage a place where the sun never sets.

Norway entices visitors to its northern regions to experience the phenomenon of 24-hour sunlight during the summer months.  Normally the sun doesn’t set over the county of Nordland between 12th June and 1st July, as this area is above the Arctic Circle.  Apparently, if the weather is good then you can play golf at midnight; but I have to admit that claim has no attraction to me as I gave up golf years ago after realising that I spent most of the game being frustrated and angry at myself for making so many stupid shots.

At other places, such as at North Cape in Finnmark, the midnight sun lasts longer, from about 14th May to 29th July.  North Cape is about as far north as you can go in Norway, but it is accessible by plane, boat or road. Finnmark is on the same latitude as Siberia, Greenland and Alaska, so its credentials for seeing the midnight sun in summer and the northern lights in winter are quite excellent.

Finnmark is also one of the stamping grounds for the Sami people, nomadic deer herders who roam between Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

One of the reasons why Finnmark is so accessible is because the waters are affected by the Gulf Stream, which takes warm currents to the area preventing ice packs from forming.

Apart from watching the sun, there are many natural attractions north of the Arctic Circle.  And, of course, with continuous sunshine, everything is open 24-hours a day so you able to enjoy outdoor and other pursuits at any time, allowing you the scope to keep going for as long as you can without the need for sleep.

Norway is justifiably famous for the beauty of its fjords, and there are a number of day cruises you can do to enjoy the majesty of magnificent mountains plunging into emerald waters.    There are many hiking trails which take you through spectacular scenery.  You can do organised hiking tours or go off on your own, depending on your preference.  Fishing is also popular, as is bird watching.

Before you set off on your midnight sun adventure, you should remember that many find it difficult to fall asleep during the night when the sun is shining. In general, visitors and newcomers are most affected.  If you are not used to constant sunlight, then you can suffer from hypomania, which is characterised by persistent mood swings.

Or, you can just throw caution to the wind and just head off to experience it – what’s a little loss of sleep or bad mood when you can have a really great time.

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