Not Welcome in the USA

Recently, President Trump signed into effect an executive order titled “Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Entry into the United States.” The order puts a variety of restrictions on the entry into the U.S. of aliens (non U.S. citizens) from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

Section 3(c) of the executive order states that immigrant and nonimmigrant aliens from these countries would be detrimental to the U.S. and suspends entry into the U.S. of such persons for 90 days on a blanket basis. This would include green card holders and there is no express exclusion for airline crew. IATA has been informed by the U.S. government that crew are subject to this ban.

It is recommended that green card holders from the above countries not accept assignments outside the U.S. until the government has confirmed that they will be permitted to return to the U.S. without challenge. As of this moment, statements from the U.S. government have not provided assurance on this point.

The order also means that people from those seven countries who may not have lived in them for many years, or who have dual citizenship with other countries in which they have lived good, productive lives may be banned from visiting the U.S. simply because of the place of their birth.

It is interesting to note that citizens of Saudi Arabia, a country which follows an extreme form of Islam called Wahhabism, and a country that has spent billions over many years establishing madrassas, schools which teach Wahhabism throughout the Islamic world, are not included in the ban.

Perhaps that has more to do with America’s lust for oil than the Trump administration’s concern about radical Islam. Otherwise, why would you not include on the list citizens of a country in which medieval beatings, the stoning of women and public beheadings are commonplace?

The United States government has every right to legislate laws to ensure its protection, but this law seems to be badly thought out with no consideration given to the tens of thousands of decent people who have suddenly had their travel plans disrupted due to the weak, malevolent, narcissistic mind of its present leader.

This action, together with the decision to build a wall along the border with Mexico, means that the United States of America can no longer boast about it being the leader of the free world.

If non-Americans stop travelling to the U.S. for either business or pleasure then the American economy will suffer greatly. Yes, every country needs to assess a visitor’s risk, but to ban people merely on the place of their birth is a decision that will eventually backfire as the United States loses both the international influence and power it currently enjoys that will dissipate as that country becomes more insular.

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