Our Airline Traverses Central Pacific

OurrlnA good brand name is an important element for any enterprise because the name should encapsulate the services offered by the company. This is especially so in a very competitive industry, such as aviation, where branding can make or break an airline.

There’s a newly-named airline now servicing small Pacific Island nations from Brisbane, Australia. Called Our Airline, it is actually been flying for about 30 years under the name Air Nauru.

Nauru is one of the world’s tiniest countries, both in terms of area and of population. At one stage, during the 1960s and 1970s Nauru boasted the highest per capita income in the world because basically the island is made of phosphate, and much of it was dug up during that time. With oodles of cash, Nauru was able to establish an airline which had a rather large network across the Pacific, but as the phosphate ran out, so did cash to run the airline.

Although the name of the airline changed to Our Airline in 1996, it is still the National carrier of the Republic of Nauru, but now it operates under an Australian Air Operators Certificate and is based in Brisbane.

Brisbane is the closest Australian capital city to the majority of the Pacific island nations, so it makes sense to be based there.

The airline fleet currently consists of two Boeing 737-300s, and it services five destinations, including Brisbane.

The airline’s other ports of call are Nauru, which is situated north of the Solomon Islands, just below the Equator. Tarawara is the capital of Kiribati (pronounced Kiribas – the Polynesian alphabet has many anomalies). This small island nation straddles the Equator and is comprised of just 32 atolls and one coral island. It is a popular destination for divers who go there to explore the large number of World War II wrecks which lay in shallow water.

Another destination is Nadi in Fiji, which is one of the largest Polynesian nations with 333 islands and a very well developed tourism industry. The final destination for Our Airline is Majuro, in the Marshall Islands. The Marshall Islands consists of 29 atolls each made up of many islets and 5 islands in the central Pacific. One of these is Bikini Atoll, where the United States set off an atomic bombs between 1946 and 1958, ruining forever a lovely atoll but inspiring the name of a particularly alluring type of swimwear.

Given the small populations that the airline services the name Our Airline seems to be very apt as it does indeed seem to reflect a personal relationship with the very people who depend on it for long distance transport.

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