Pernstjen Picturesque Castle in the Czech Republic

Visit Pernštejn Castle and you may just recognise as it has often been selected as the perfect looking film castle. Just two hours away from Prague in the Czech Republic you can experience your own adventure at this magical castle.

The mysterious atmosphere of Pernštejn Castle has been attracting Czech and foreign film crews for many years. The Castle has featured in more than 40 fairy tales and films including Van Helsing and The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.

Pernštejn Castle, which is called the marble castle because of the marble-like stone that has been used in its construction, majestically occupies the top of the rock overlooking the small town of Nedvědice. It is mostly thanks to its location that it has never been conquered in its 800 year history.

The reason for its dominance is simple, the castle was protected by a steep rock slope (the rock penetrates the building up to the second floor), which is accessible only from the north across a ridge that rises towards the castle allowing it to be easily defended.

If you look carefully inside the narrow corridors of the castle you will be able to find medieval inscriptions. You might even be able to recognise famous quotations from classical authors which the lords of the castle borrowed to express their own thoughts. Words such as love and life can be easily identified among these inscriptions.

If you spend enough time in its ancient walls you might even encounter the ghostly White Lady of Pernštejn. A legend also tells of the ghost of a vain maid who spent all her time looking into the mirror instead of going to the church. According to the legend whoever looks into a mirror at Pernštejn is said to lose their beauty within a year´s time.

Located on the eastern edge of the Bohemia-Moravia highlands, the Castle offers guided tours in foreign languages which may include a programme comprising of period dances, music, fencing or crafts. Pernštejn Castle was built in the 13th century when it played an important role in the history of the Czech Kingdom. The castle does feature a mixture of styles due to it being modified by its various owners over time, but it is really the clean Gothic lines which make it so visually attractive, and which has attracted many film makers to use the castle as the exterior for your archetypical horror and Middle Ages era movie.

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