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Port-Beach-NorthLovely Port Beach

Port Beach doesn’t look too nice from the road.

Located on the northern side of the Swan River at North Fremantle, the entrance to Port Beach is definitely industrial.

Port Beach is one of the better known beaches in Perth, Western Australia.

That is because the beach is very close to Fremantle Docks, so sees much traffic pass by.

Don’t be fooled by the approach to Port Beach, because once you have wandered onto the beach itself, its close vicinity to a busy port is not very obvious (apart from the number of ships which anchor offshore in Gage Roads).

Besides, its name probably should give its location away.

The beach itself is quite long, and very wide.

The southern end of the beach curves around into a low headland that has been built up in order to better serve the port.  The northern end joins Leighton Beach, and combined they extend a long way until they meet the headland which protects Cottesloe Beach.

A popular beach

Although it is a very popular beach, its length and breadth means that you can always find a good piece of beach to yourself, no matter how big are the crowds.

The waters are also relatively calm, and most days you won’t see much of a surf there, which makes it safer for swimming, although it is always recommended that you swim between the flags so as not to get caught in a rip.

From the sand you can enjoy the sights of the large merchant ships that are either at anchor or making their way to and from the port.  You also see a fair number of boats making the trip to Rottnest and, of course, you do get good views of Rottnest Island, which is clear on most days.

There is a good family restaurant, called Salt On The Beach, located near the carpark, which is quite popular.

If you are a swimmer, the best time to visit is in the morning as the wind known as The Fremantle Doctor often blows up in the afternoons.  You can swim then, but sunbathing is difficult because of the stinging sand that is smashed against you by the wind.

However, The Doctor, as it is commonly called, beckons the windsurfers and the kitesurfers who manage to speed across the water at incredible speeds.  Watching the kitesurfers fly up a wave and high into the air because of the force of the wind is a fantastic experience, and, of course, all of those sails and kites make for an attractive and interesting vista.

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