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Qatar Airways reminds us that the number of Australians travelling overseas this holiday season is set to see an increase, as seen in statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics which reported that Australians travelling for holidays have grown 13 per cent on average every year since 2003.

Qatar Airways Country Manager for Australasia, Adam Radwanski says the key for navigating festive season travel is preparation, keeping calm and remembering what holidays are all about – fun and reward for a hard year completed. Here are his tips…

Tip 1) Travelling families
Arrive early for check in, or check in online beforehand to ensure you’re seated together. Qatar Airways offers advanced seat selection free of charge. Also, make the most of priority boarding for families with kids by being ready to go as soon as the boarding gate opens so you’ve got time to settle in with your family for the flight.

It is also important to explain the travel process to your children beforehand so they know what to expect. Let them know what to anticipate about the take-off and landing experience as well, and consider providing them with some gum, a sweet or a bottle of water to help ease ear pressure during this time.

Qatar’sĀ littlest travellers get some really special treats onboard. Infants receive a sleepy-time Mr. Potato Head soft plush with an interactive eye mask to encourage positive sleep habits and endless peek-a-boo play, as well as a soft plush book. The toddlers can play with specially designed Mr Potato Head and the Hasbro educational gaming kits, fun-filled activity books, crayons, and be served fresh and wholesome meals in Mr. Potato Head and Monopoly-designed lunchboxes. Families with infants may request a bassinet prior to the flight date, subject to availability.


Tip 2) Unaccompanied minors
If you’re planning for your child to travel alone; Qatar Airways provides an unaccompanied minor service. Your child will be received at the airport they depart from, taken care of during transit and of course while onboard their flights. Upon arrival at their destination, they will be handed over to the person designated by parents/guardians to receive the child.

Tip 3) Go prepared – pack for the flight
Don’t wait until you reach your destination to enjoy yourself – relax on the plane and arrive refreshed. Things that will help you rest, like neck pillows, eye masks, earplugs, and help you freshen up before arrival – like eye-drops and a toothbrush and paste are a good idea. Either plan or pre pack for the trip yourself, or take the hassle out of it and choose an airline that provides the in-flight extras for you. Economy Class passengers also receive an amenity kit with earplugs, a toothbrush and an eye mask to make their journey more comfortable.

Tip 4) Food and beverages
Eat well on the flight and limit alcohol intake to avoid feeling dehydrated. Drink plenty of water. If you have dietary requirements, notify your carrier at least 24 hours before your flight to avoid disappointment.

Qatar Airways’ inflight menus features flavours inspired by the regions it serves, and fresh local produce are often sourced for onboard catering.

The inflight catering team has spent months adapting and testing their specialty dishes for their customers, taking into account not only flavours and spices, but how the taste buds are altered at 30,000 feet.

Tip 5) Plan for time on board, and in transit
One of the best ways to enjoy a long-haul flight is to plan your inflight entertainment on-board in advance. Qatar Airways offers over 3,000 entertainment options, including latest movies, TV shows, documentaries or games. A good way to figure out what to do on your flight is to visit Qatar Airways home pageĀ prior to your flight and check out what’s content may be of your interest. Our on-board entertainment planning tool will allow you to pre-plan what movies you could watch on each leg of your journey.

With so many things to think about when setting sail on a holiday, it’s worth spending the time to research what airlines support you in a hassle free journey, such as Qatar Airways. At the end of the day, if you choose an airline that thinks about it all, the less elements you have to think of yourself and the sooner you’ll feel like your holiday has started.

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