Great Quirky British Food


British food doesn’t have the best reputation, but the food scene all over the United Kingdom is improving.  Here’s some interesting information about British cuisine:

Despite myths, the Brits do eat more than just Haggis and Cornish Pastries.

Here’s where to start your British food journey.

From vegan to Halal, Britain has a wealth of restaurants, cafés and bars that cater for everyone. A common misconception made by many is that Britain is extremely limited in

their cuisine options, however we have proven this to be incorrect. For your finest organic food being healthy, ethical and flavorsome try Kitch, Canterbury, southeast

England which serves delicious, fresh, homemade food made with all natural & wholegrain, seasonal ingredients. Those looking for a Vegetarian experience should make their way to Primrose Hill. While Primrose Hill hosts Britain’s largest selection of vegetarian restaurants, you can’t go past Manna, the capital city’s oldest Vegetarian restaurant. With a menu that has been fine-tuned over the years, dishes will take you on a round-the-world trip without having to leave your table.

There are more than 700 cheeses produced in Britain

Britain’s love of cheese is thought to date back to Roman times and was even mentioned in a book dated back to 1086, written for King William the Conqueror.

According to The British Cheese Board today there are more than 700 different cheeses produced in the UK, including several varieties of Cheddar, Caerphilly, Double Gloucester, and weird-sounding cheeses like Cornish Yarg, Dorset Drum and Blue Murder.  With ploughman’s lunches being a very popular pub meal, the best thing to do is eat the local cheese and marry it with a pint of the local brew.

Which brings us to:

Britain holds the smallest pub on the planet

This may have not been a major surprise to you…. But you will be shocked at just how small The Signal Box Inn in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire actually is just 8 ft x 8ft. This tiny timber structure is a former railway signal box. As the ultimate mini-bar, it can seat just four customers plus two standing at an absolute squeeze. Despite the diminutive size, it serves a large choice of cask ales, lager, bitter, spirits, wine and cider, an absolute must an British pub! In addition to the drinks selection, they also have indoor seating, a tv & music, darts board, house band and a nine hole golf course! After a few drinks you’ll get very friendly with the other patrons, no doubt!

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