Recommended pubs and restaurants in Alice Springs

Thanks to Deb of Alice Station Bed & Breakfast in Alice Springs for providing the following information.  When you want the best information about any place always ask a local where they go, and you usually find they know the best places. I asked Deb for her recommendation about where to eat and drink in Alice Springs, and this is her response:

The best place in town for coffee is a hole in the wall coffee shop tucked in on Todd Street in between AAT Kings and the Todd Street Internet Cafe. Officially it is called Cafe Gonzo but I’d drunk there for nearly a year before I found out its name. There is no sign out the front so tourists tend to miss it, but all the locals know it is there! The owner, Cameron is a big cinema and music head and always happy to have a chat about either. The music blasting out is eclectic, as are the books and magazines that you can browse on site. But he definitely knows how to make a decent coffee.

For a cold beer, Bojangles Saloon satisfies fully the cliché of the good outback pub. It’s a little on the touristy side but definitely fun. Otherwise, locals go to Annie’s Place. It has a funky bar that is good for anyone seeking a less “touristy” experience. Old and usually very strange movies can be seen on the screens inside and by the pool.

My favourite places to eat: The Bean Tree Cafe in Olive Pink Botanic Gardens, Soma (on Todd Mall) and lately I’ve been enjoying Sporties Bar, where the decor is pretty terrible (green carpet, sports paraphernalia) yet for some inexplicable reason, they seem to know how to cook! The food is great.  The Watertank Cafe inside the Blooming Deserts Garden Centre is also excellent for lunch.
For off the beaten track, there is a Vietnamese restaurant located about 10 kilometres out of town on an organic vegies farm. Visitors should ask a local to how to get there!

When I asked Deb what she thought were Alice Springs’ best attributes, she was pretty clear in her opinion:

The light and the way it falls on the hills around us late in the afternoon. 360 degrees of sky. And it is almost always blue. Spectacular natural scenery all around us and it is so easily accessible. The quirky nature of the Alice Springs community. There are people living here from all over the world. There are a lot of extremely talented creative people in Alice Springs – artists, writers, musicians, film makers, actors etc., both indigenous and non-indigenous. For a small town we have a surprisingly rich cultural life.

Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, right in the middle of Australia – a place really worth visiting.

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