Riffs but not raffs at Le Royal Monceau

Just about every travel website you go to seems to search for cheap hotels, if that is your requirement, don’t put Le Royal Monceau on your list.

Why having a royal hotel in a country that is proudly republican and egalitarian, I don’t know, the the Monceau used to be considered to be one of the best hotels in Paris.  It was bought by the Raffles group and shut down to be spruced up.

It’s taken two years, but the work still goes on.  Apparently Le Royal Monceau will open in early 2011; it has some features that, frankly, defer logical reasoning.

For instance, among the furnishing in the 85 rooms and 54 suites will be a lot of expensive clutter, being mirrors, couches, and bric-a-brac.  Instead of the Gideon’s Bible in the desk drawer, the guests will find love letters from persons anonymous.  Also, each room will become equipped with a guitar. WiFi I can understand, tea and coffee making facilities sound reasonable, even the bath robe hanging up in the wardrobe wouldn’t surprise me, but I’m at a loss to understand why a guitar is considered to be essential equipment – if it were me, I’d prefer a CD player, or a place for the iPod.

Not that I will ever get the opportunity to stay.  Room prices are muted to cost between 780 and 20,000 Euros per night.  Just slightly more than a bed in a dorm in a Parisian hostel.

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