Road trip across Australia – Day 17 Heading back West

After driving over 4000 kilometres East, it was time again to head back West.
This time I was going to go as direct as I could to Ceduna in South Australia, then deviate a little when I got back in Western Australia.
The first few days of the return trip would entail me driving many kilometres to get to Ceduna, then to take it easy a bit and see a lot more of the country. We left Shoalhaven Heads at mid-morning, and drove up through the Kangaroo Valley to Moss Vale. The road through Kangaroo Valley is steep, narrow and very winding. The scenery is spectacular, but we got caught behind a large truck, and as there was virtually no opportunity to overtake, we sat behind the truck at low speed enjoying the scenery.
We got onto the Illawarra Highway near Moss Vale, and followed it down to the Hume Highway, which is a beautiful divided four lane road, and followed it down past Gundagai where we turned onto the Sturt Highway, which eventually led to Adelaide.
The first major town we reached was Wagga Wagga, a large town on the edge of the Riverina district in New South Wales, and from here we kept following the highway further west through to Narrandera and then onward to Hay. The country we passed seemed to be rich rural land, some of which was planted with vines and fruit trees.
From Hay we continued west to Balranald, which is the gateway to Mungo National Park, where we crossed the Murumbidgee River, then turned southwest, heading towards the Murray River.
We eventually made it to Mildura in Victoria and decided to stay the night there.
It had been a long day, but the drive had been good and we’d seen some excellent country.
We made ourselves comfortable at a motel in Mildura and ordered pizza for dinner. One thing about being on the road is that your diet suffers, but the pizza hit the spot, after which we settled down for a good night’s rest.

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