Salt Retreat Seminyak Bali

sltsmnykThere are times when the body needs a bit of pampering; when it needs to be spoilt, to be cared for and to be treated as special.

These days spas are popping up everywhere, but the best way to enjoy a spa is to choose one in a lovely location, and one of the best locations anywhere is the island of Bali in Indonesia. From a travellers’ point of view, there are many faces of Bali. For culture and a slightly cooler temperature head to Ubud in the mountains. For partying and shopping, Kuta on the coast is the place. For a good combination of the two, choose Seminyak, which is just up the coast from Kuta, but quieter because the hotels aren’t as big and, for many, private villas are the chosen type of accommodation.

One of the newest establishments in Seminyak is SALT, a tropical sanctuary that is designed to leave all those that attend with life-long memories. SALT offers the complete package, looking after the body and the soul and it does this by providing accommodation (and transfers, making it easy to negotiate that chaos of Denpasar Airport), food, activities and spa treatments.

Guests will not only be pampered, but will be helping local villagers too.

SALT was conceptualised as an ethical holiday option that will restore, enrich and bring back calm to the busy lives of those that attend, with ethical initiatives such as an optional day-trips to volunteer at the local orphanage and a significant percentage of company profits going to financially support a number of local charities, farmers and community groups.

Food is one of the staples of a healthy holiday and gourmet organic meals have been created by well-known Australian chef Pete Evans.

There is also an emphasis on two activities: yoga and surfing.

This may seem like an odd mix, but the two activities are related in that they are both physical activities which have a spiritual aspect.

I’ve not tried yoga, but I do know that adherents contort their bodies, in a painless manner, to help them to meditate and find peace within themselves, to reflect on life and self.

I have tried surfing and, even for a beginner, it is physically exhilarating without being impossibly tough. When riding those waves, even if just lying down on the board, you feel at one with the sea; that 70% of you that is comprised of water feels content in its natural home, and the experience is truly spiritual.

The pampering in the spa is your reward for making the trip.

SALT offers three and seven day packages, and booking can be made via its website.

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