Savouring the seafood at Ostermalm saluhall

Stockholm is considered by many to be one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Built on 14 islands, it is a city that values its history and traditions by preserving many old buildings, yet marries this love of the past by adapting contemporary architecture and ecologically-sustainable living to Stockholm a paragon of Scandinavian chic.

The Swedes love of preserving the past in a form that is in harmony with the modern lifestyle is represented in popular food hall called Ostermalms Saluhall.

Built in 1888, in Ostermalmstorg, it was Stockholm’s first major food hall.  The building was quite revolutionary for its time, being engineered in a way that had not been tried in Sweden at that time, and incorporating new ideas for its heating, ventilation and lighting.   When completed, the building was described as looking like an ornate, metal medieval castle.

Today, Ostermalm Saluhall is still a popular food hall, but it has been updated to reflect modern food handling and waste disposal practices, whilst paying due accord to the building’s historic architecture.  

There are over 20 different traders operating in Osterman Saluhall, providing the very best of Swedish cuisine.  Quality of produce is expected, and some of Stockholm’s best fishmongers, bakers, delis and green grocers have stalls in the centre.  Here you will also find a number of intimat bars, restaurant and cafes offering everything from sushi, to coffee and teas, open sandwiches and traditional seafood meals.  Osterman Saluhall is also used as a venue that can cater for groups as large as 500 guests.

The food hall is within easy walking distance of downtown Stockholm, or near the Ostermalmstorg station.

For the true taste of Sweden, do what generations of citizens have been doing, and try some of the delicacies available at Osterman Saluhall.

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