Simmo’s Ice Creamery Dunsborough

Simmos1Any business which advertises itself as being `Born, Bred and Frozen in Western Australia’ deserves to be noticed, and if you are ever down Dunsborough way in the south west of Western Australia, put Simmo’s Ice creamery on your `must visit’ list.

My mouth is still salivating over the Mango Macadamia and Cinnamon Ginger ice creams that I enjoyed there.  The flavours were delicate rather than overpowering, but it was that subtleness of flavour that left you craving for more.

Simmo’s has been an institution in Dunsborough for about twenty years.  The story that I heard was that it was a dairy farm which decided to diversify by producing ice creams out of the surplus milk, which may explain its location.

You won’t see Simmo’s from the main road, and it is a few kilometres from Dunsborough town centre.

The ice creamery is situated at 161 Commonage Road, Dunsborough, which is decidedly rural and the reason why I tend to believe the “dairy farmer looking for another venture” story.

The place is fascinating.  The entrance, naturally, is through the shop, where a product board almost overwhelms you with a large variety of flavours.  All of these delicious ice creams are displayed in refrigerated counters and form a long palette of brilliant colours.

Once you have selected your ice cream you move through the shop to a veranda which overlooks a large, grassed area that is ideal for picnics and families to congregate.

Dozens of people hang around here licking their ice creams.  To one side is a mini golf course, and on the other a substantial children’s play area.

Simmo’s does have a large parking area, but in peak season this does fill up quite quickly.

Apart from the ice cream, one of the stars at Simmo’s is Edward the Emu who, apparently, because he wasn’t going to get any of mine, just loves to eat ice cream.

One of the secrets to their success is that Simmo’s doesn’t just make the standard flavours. Instead they use unconventional ingredients to make something truly original and really quite special.

In fact, Simmo’s ice creams are so good they were recently voted by USA TODAY as one of the 15 best ice-creams in the world.

They have a variety of original flavours, such as Whisky Prune and Mascarpone and Fig.  There are 50 permanent flavours of ice cream, plus a range of sorbets too.

Western Australia’s south west is home to one of the world’s best winemaking regions and some of the world’s top surfing spots.  There is so much to do there but your experiences in the south west will be greatly enhanced when you pull into Simmo’s for one of the world’s top ice creams too.

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