Singapore Night Safari

Singapore Zoo must be one of the few zoos in the world which opens at night.  And this is a good thing, as many animals are nocturnal and just can’t be seen, or aren’t at all active during the day.

Actually, the Singapore Night Safari is located right next door to the zoo, but is easy to get there by public transport is you want to save money and don’t want to pay for a tour.

Built on 40 hectares of land, the Night Safari has been operating since 1994, and is quite a good experience.  There are eight different regions represented on the Night Safari, which can be seen from walking trails and a tram, for which there are two distinct loops.

There is also a 20-minute Creatures of the Night Show which I found disappointing and would not bother to see again.  In fact, the most entertaining part of the show on the night that I attended was when an animal, I forget which type, that was nimbly walking along a rope that was strung up above the arena, crapped on the head of an audience member.

Next time I go, and I would certainly go again, I would concentrate more on the tram rides and the walking trails as I found these to be very interesting.

The park is well laid out, and once you get into the main animal areas, either by path or tram, and you can observe how these creatures behave at night. It does give a fascinating insight into the nocturnal habits of animals, and it is we humans that are intruding into their world, so this authenticity makes the Night Safari particularly enjoyable.  

Creatures from Asia, Africa and South America are represented, and each occupies an area that is similar to their natural habitat.  Although the animals are wild, they do seem to be used to human activity around them.

Being Singapore, food for humans is an important aspect of the Night Safari, and the food is both delicious and reasonably priced.  The Singapore Night Safari is interesting, and it is a good night out and certainly worth considering if you intend to visit Singapore.

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