Skycellar where drinking and flying do mix

It’s the premiere tourist destination on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. Dubrovnik, a walled city that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  As a destination for tourists it has plenty to recommend it: warm, safe water in which to swim; fantastic restaurants tucked into back alleys; a very relaxed and laid back pace of life; great food and excellent wines.

In fact, Croatian wines are considered to be so good, they have created a Museum of Wines.  Unlike most museums, here you are encouraged to try out the exhibits.

Skycellar, as the Museum is called, is located in Durovic Cave, a natural cave that has been carved out of the karst limestone of the Dalmatian Coast.

Durovic Cave is like most other karst caves, it contains stalagmites and stalactites that have been sculptures into many different formations.  Durovic Cave also has one feature which makes it an ideal place to store wine – it has a constant temperature of 16 degrees Centigrade.

Skycellar houses all recognized and geographically protected wines from Konavle Region. In addition to sightseeing the Cave, you are invited to taste wines. They can also be purchased, along with other authentic souvenirs, at the Skycellar shop. Skycellar Museum of Wines from Konavle Region exhibits high quality wines of renowned Konavle winemakers.

If the name `Skycellar’ seems to be a strange name for a subterranean wine museum, that’s because the cave is located right underneath the main runway of Dubrovnik’s Airport, and is probably the only wine museum anywhere to be situated underneath and airport runway.

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