Some Amazing golf courses

For some people there is nothing more relaxing than getting out on a golf course and playing a quick 18 before hitting the 19th to relive every shot.  Indeed, golf tourism is a billion dollar industry, and there are many golf courses around the world which depend on tourists to help keep them profitable.

Most courses are very playable, even if your own personal skills ensure that you would never hit a course record.  But not all golf courses are equal, and here’s a few that really test your mettle.

On the border between South and North Korea, in the Demilitarised zone is a course that could probably be considered to be the world’s most dangerous course –it’s at Panmunjom and forms part of Camp Bonifas.  It’s not a very impressive course containing just a single 192-yard, par 3 hole.  The trouble is that hole is ringed by live minefields, so if your ball goes into the rough the safe thing to do is to leave it there.

The Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Course, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is a hot potato when it comes to golf. This attractive golf course, and is mostly perfectly normal, except that it may just have the world’s most difficult hole. 17 of the holes are perfectly fine but the 14th hole, well that’s enough matter entirely. You see, the 14th green is built on a raft in the middle of a lake, and aside from the fact that there’s a great degree of difficult just getting your ball on the green, the hole is not static. It floats, it moves, and you can only get to it by taking “The Putter Boat Shuttle.”

Up above the Arctic Circle you’ll find the aptly named Green Zone Golf Club. Apt because for much of the year the golf course is white, being covered by a fair amount of snow during the winter months. The course, in Lappi, Finland, actually spans two countries. 9 holes are in Finland, the other 9 are in Sweden, so make sure you take your passport with you should you want to play.  And play here you can, its open 24-hours a day during summer, when the sun never sets.

Coober Pedy is a small mining town in Southern Australia, famous due to the majority of its inhabitants living underground to avoid the unbearable heat which bears down on the area throughout the year. It’s a surprise there’s a golf course at all. However it’s not a surprise to learn that the golf course which does exist above ground in Coober Pedy is without a single blade of grass, golfers choosing instead to carry a patch of turf around the course from which to tee-off. Also, due to the aforementioned heat, the majority of the golfing takes place at night using glowing balls.

The Legend Golf Resort in South Africa is a stunningly beautiful course that is set amid spectacular scenery. Most of the holes are quite typical of first class golf course, but they do have one anomaly, it’s the aptly named ‘Extreme 19th Hole’.  Why is it extreme?  It’s not because of the green, but because of the tee. This par 3 almost guarantees that you’ll hit the ball at least 500 metres when you tee off. Why? Well, because you need to take a helicopter to reach the tee, which is situated nearly half a kilometre above the green, near the tip of Hangslip Mountain.  Presumably, if you hit a bad shot, you just throw yourself off the edge of the cliff.

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