Some mindless trivia about Western Australia

I’m one of those idiots who loves all things trivial, and who doesn’t mind inflicting others with absolutely mind-blowingly needless facts, so here’s some remarkably trite information about Western Australia:

Western Australia, at 2,529,875 square kilometres (1,571,991 sq miles), is the largest State in Australia in terms of area.  To give you some perspective on its size, WA is 3.6 times the size of Texas, and is approximately the size of India (India’s land area is 2,973,190sq km).  Western Australia occupies the western third of the Australian continent. Consider this example: if you wish to drive from Eucla in the south east corner of Western Australia around the coast to Kununurra in the north east, in the Kimberley region, you would have to drive a distance of 5456 kilometres (3390 miles).

If you drove that far at an average speed of 90 kilometres an hour (the speed limit on open roads in 110kms – but we have to account for slowing down through towns and cities) it would take you over 60 hours of continuous driving to complete the journey.

Despite its huge size WA has a population of just 2.26 million, and of that over 1.6 million people live in the capital city Perth.  This means that, that with an average of 0.9 people to the square kilometre, WA is one of the least densely populated places on Earth, so there is plenty of room here to find your own identity (India has an average of 388.5 people to the sq km).

Perth, with its relatively small population, occupies a vast area.  The metropolitan area is now 90 kilometres in length from South to North and 50 kilometres wide from East to West, giving a metropolitan area of 6,100 square kilometres resulting in a population density of just 426.2 people to the sq km, which is not much for a city.    

Compare it to:

London Metropolitan Region covers 8382 sq kms and has a population of 18 million (pop. density 2147.4 per sq km); Metropolitan Paris covers 14,518 sq kms and has a population of just over 10 Million (pop. density 688.8 per sq km); Metropolitan New York (the Tri-State area) covers 30,671 sq kms has a population of over 19 million (pop. density 619.4 per sq km); Metropolitan Shanghai covers 7,037 sq kms and has a population of just over 19 Million (pop. density 2,729.9 per sq km)

There you are – ponder that then bang your head against the wall.

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