Son-et-Lumiere at the Acropolis Athens

Athens is a city in which the old and the new co-exist quite comfortably.  As the birthplace of democracy, Athens is a city where history is pretty much in your face everywhere you turn.

At the very apex of Athens stands The Acropolis.  Perched on top of a 150 metre (490 foot) hill it is one of the world’s best known historic sites.  As good as it is to wander around the Acropolis and admire the sophistication and engineering prowess of the ancient Athenians, one of the best experiences you can have is to book into the Son-et-Lumiere and see the Acropolis from across the street.

Son-et-Lumiere is a cute French phrase meaning sound and light show.  The show takes place every night from 1 April to 31 October, and the show that I saw was narrated in English.

The show lasts for 30 minutes and consists of a soundtrack of a narrator and actors re-creating the history of the buildings and some of the events that took place there, most particularly battles.  Whilst the soundtrack is running, parts of the Acropolis are lit up and battles are represented by enormous synchronised shadows of warring soldiers fighting against the walls.

The whole effect is quite stunning, and it is a truly memorable experience.

This Son-et-Lumiere brings the Acropolis and the Greek Classical Period to life; it is entertaining as well as educational, and a great way to start an evening in Athens before heading off to the Plaka to smash some plates.

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