Sports You Should See Live

trdfrncSports tourism is big business.  Most people are interested in sport in some form or another, and many pay big money to attend the really big sporting events.  Some of these are just so iconic that you don’t necessarily need to be overly interested in the sport as the experience itself is the drawcard.

Obviously, there are some sporting events that most people would like to see at least once – these include the really big occasions such as the Summer and Winter Olympics, the FIFA World Cup, US Masters, Super Bowl, etc. but there are many more sporting events which are definitely worth seeing, here are just a couple:

Ashes Cricket

I know that Americans don’t seem to understand cricket, but it is one of the world’s most popular sports with an audience that dwarfs that of baseball.  Ashes Cricket is the highest form of the game – it is the, normally, bi-annual Test Match series between England and Australia, and it is always exciting (that is not an oxymoron – test cricket can be absolutely thrilling).  The Ashes Series is played alternately in England and Australia and each series comprises five tests, which are played at five different grounds in each country.

F1 Monaco

Formula 1 motor racing is loud, fast and fashionable.  The best place to enjoy F1 is in Monte Carlo which has one of the most exciting street circuits in the world.  This tax haven knows how to put on a party, and whilst the drivers and teams take the race seriously, just about everybody else is out for a good time, which is why the event is so enjoyable.

Hong Kong Sevens

This is an annual event that is held over the last weekend in March. It is a cut down version of Rugby Union.  Many countries send their seven-a-side rugby teams to Hong Kong for a festival that is full time party with the occasional glimpse of teams out on the ground.  The game itself is very fast-paced and the tradition is to “boo” Australia and to dress up, if you wish.  The rugby is great, but the conviviality is better.

Tour De France

This event attracts the very best cyclists, and, thanks to drug usage, has become possibly the world’s most controversial event.  Forget those men on bikes, you really only see them flick by you – the real reason for attending the Tour is to enjoy France.  It’s the activity behind the race that is important, the travelling, sight-seeing, cuisine, with the added advantage that watching the race is free.  Mind you, when you do glimpse the riders as they pass you will be amazed at how fast they can actually ride.

Banzai Pipeline Surfing

Sun, sand, Hawaii and monstrously huge waves which form massive tubes to test the mettle of the world’s best surfers.  Hawaii’s North Shore is the place to go to watch truly exciting surfing, and to indulge in Hawaii’s famous laid back lifestyle.  Considered to be the world’s most dangerous wave, because it breaks over shallow reef, you sit back and watch in awe as these behemoths are tamed by surfers who have far more courage than common sense.

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