Spring into Alice’s Station

You can’t really get more central in Central Australia than Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, which is a magnet for those people who want a true outback experience.  

Outback The Alice may be, but just because you want an adventure doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a bit of comfort as well.  And if its comfort you want, mixed up with some rustic charm, and the opportunity to see real kangaroos in a real backyard then the Alice Station Bed and Breakfast is just the place for you.

First off, the Alice Station looks a trifle different to your normal B&B.  That’s because he building is constructed of wooden railway sleepers that became redundant when the Ghan Railway was upgraded in the late 70s.  Not only where the building materials cheap, but the walls are solid and well insulated, which is important in a place like Alice Springs, where temperatures can fluctuate throughout the year.

And speaking of The Ghan, if you have time on your hands, it is the best way to reach Alice Springs from either Darwin in the North or Adelaide in the South – because you get to see the real Australia from the comfort of an air-conditioned carriage.

Alice Station has four guest rooms: The Wallaroo Suite, the Emu Room, the Galah Room and the Kangaroo Room, which are named after some of the varied wildlife you will probably see wandering into the backyard.  Each room has private bathroom or ensuite, but there is a shared common lounge with TV, reading room & library and salt water pool.  Facilities include WiFi and barbecues – in  fact, if you purchase some kangaroo and emu meat, you can enjoy a barbecue of the Australian Coat-of-Arms, how many countries encourage you to eat their national icons?

Mein host Deb speaks fluent French, and a smattering of Italian, so most of her guests are international visitors. She’s even had guests from Kazakhstan stay, so pack your mankini for when you want to use the pool.  Of yeah, and if you are from Oz, she’s fluent in strine as well.

Alice Station B&B is located in the residential part of Alice Springs, at 25 The Fairway, which means that you actually do get to feel like a local when you stay there.

Contact information is on the Alice Station Bed and Breakfast website, and if you are like me, you will be drooling with anticipation at the thought of staying there.

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