Stand up to fly on Tartastan Airlines

Tatarstan Airlines is the regional airline of the Republic of Tatarstan, which is part of the Russian Federation.  The airline made the news recently when one of its planes was overbooked for a flight between Anatalya in Turkey to Ekaterinburg in Russia.  The way they resolved this conundrum showed great initiative, they simply offered the six passengers who were overbooked the opportunity to fly with them, as long as the passengers stood for the entire journey.  This meant, of course, that if the airplane crashed, the standing passengers would have no seatbelts or no life vests should it plunge into water.  Remarkably, all the passengers opted to stand for the entire five hour journey, which makes me wonder what is so wrong with Anatalya that visitors would rather put their lives at risk than spend another day there?

Mind you, Tatarstan Airlines is possibly not the sort of airline which figures highly in any “airline of the year” polls.  For a starter, crews speak only Russian.  The airline flies mainly Russian built aircraft, which have a tendency to drop out of the sky.  Seats are said to be narrow and crew have a reputation for being rude to passengers.

Tatarstan Airlines does have one very big plus going for it though: the airline has a reputation for serving Russian-made champagne to passengers throughout the flight.  But then again, if I had to fly them, I think I’d prefer to be blotto too than face up to the reality of flying Tatarstan.

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