Stellar skies above Scottsdale

With vast open skies offering plenty of stargazing opportunities, Scottsdale, Arizona, is known as a stellar site for celestial activities. There’s a variety of activities for sky gazing visitors who can partake in such pursuits ranging from one-on-one viewings with astronomers to a slightly-less environmentally pure activity as guided night-vision Hummer tours in the desert.

Plus, if you don’t necessarily want to look at the stars, but would prefer to be guided by them its not just the astronomers looking to the stars. Several Scottsdale spas feature on-site astrologers ready to align the planets and give guests insight into the future.

One of the most popular astronomical entertainments is Sky Jewel, a local stargazing program that holds one- and two-hour long astronomy tours that change as often as the night sky. Depending on the time of year, participants can locate Jupiter, Saturn, the Orion Nebula, Mars and other stellar sights. Astronomer Richard Allen hosts all sessions using state-of-the-art telescopes, star charts, and he tells awe-inspiring stories about the heavens above. These sessions are complimentary to guests of the Four Seasons Resort, The Boulders Resort and Golden Door Spa and the JW Marriott Camelback Inn and Spa.

Then there are those environmentally-friendly Hummers: What better way to experience Scottsdale’s starry nights than on a Hummer excursion through the Sonoran Desert? Tours are offered by Stellar Adventures, a three-hour tour which departs at dusk and takes guests on a memorable experience through desert landscapes on the way to a remote observation area. An astronomer points out constellations and celestial wonders along the way.

For something slightly more adventurous Desert Storm Hummer Tours also takes the night sky by storm. The tour starts with a sunset ride into the Four Peaks Mountains and as night falls, the Hummer ventures to 4,000 feet above sea level, far from city lights. Using the latest field technology, expert guides walk visitors through the universe seeing the planets, moon and other fantastic star systems. The tour continues with a rock climb in the Hummer with ITT Gen III military night-vision goggles, allowing riders to see incredible Sonoran Desert wildlife in complete darkness.   

Fpr those who believe that the universe has been created specifically to guide the minutiae of everyday life then the Phoenician’s Centre for Well-Being is the place for you.  ( They have on site an intuitive guide who helps guests achieve serenity of the spirit through astrology readings. Gain insight into the past, present and future using a personalized chart calculated from each individual’s birth date, birth time and birthplace. Readings are 80 minutes in length and provide a powerful tool for self-understanding and personal development.

Then again, Joya Spa at the InterContinental Montelucia Resort offers a series of Mind and Spirit spa services that include everything from wellness and lifestyle coaching to Numerology and Tarot card experiences. Spa-goers become more in-tune with their spirit while uncovering the secrets of the Earth’s cycle and how it affects their place in the world as well as receive insight into their life path.

And for believers that’s not all pie in the sky.

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