Sun and Fun in Sunderland

sndrlndI have to admit that when I plan for a holiday in the sun, one of the places that is never part of my dreams is Sunderland, in England’s north east.

Just north of Sunderland City Centre both Roker and Seaburn beaches provide a wonderful seaside playground for adults and children alike

Closest to the city, Roker is an ideal place for water sports, with the Marine Activities Centre and other facilities close by.

At the north end of the beach, the swathe of sand gives way to interesting geological structures, with rugged cliffs and ‘cannonball’ limestone rock formations.

Roker is currently home to the ‘Pods’ which are a group of multi-purpose mobile Pods that can be used for events and exhibitions. The pods shape is based on the ‘cannonball’ rock formations and the pods are both solar and wind turbine powered.

Further north the wide stretch of golden sand at Seaburn and its green, traffic-free promenade are used throughout the year as both a place of play and a place of relaxation.

Sunderland is modern, bustling centre that is balanced with a relaxing green environment, stunning coastal scenery and a refreshing attitude to life!

The city centre has an enviable location, set right on the mouth of the River Wear next to a beautiful coastline and surrounded by easily accessible countryside.

There are many things to see and do including the Sunderland Empire Theatre, St Peters Church, the award winning Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens.  Additionally, the Sunderland Wall and Silksworth Sports Complex offer climbing, skiing and snowboarding while Adventure Sunderland has facilities for windsurfers, kayakers and divers.

The picturesque town of Washington is also well worth a visit.

Of particular interest to Americans, Washington is steeped in history dating back as a settlement to at least Anglo Saxon times. Today the town is diverse in its offering. Where once coal was loaded by the ton, you will now find breathtaking views of the countryside and fascinating history and heritage attractions, including the impressive Washington Old Hall, where five generations of George Washington’s ancestors once lived.

Sunderland’s green spaces and magnificent coastline also make an ideal stage for a number of exhilarating outdoor festivals and events. Especially the adrenaline rush of the Red Arrows at the Sunderland International Airshow.

Sunderland is full of surprises having a distinctive mix of city, coast and countryside. It may not be England’s best known resort town, but there is much around to please.

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