Sydney to San Francisco on Oriana

I have to admit having a soft spot for the P&O ship Oriana because many moons ago I used to work for P&O and the Oriana was my favourite ship.

The Oriana of today is a newer version of the ship that I knew, even though it doesn’t seem to be as sleek as its predecessor.  What she does do, though, is combine modern maritime technology with a beautiful sweeping shape and those lovely wooden decks which give you a reason to promenade.

Because she is British there is little of the glitz that Americans expect.  Instead, Oriana boasts a writing room, library and card room; it caters for those with sedate tastes.  If that sounds boring, then you’ve never indulged in a thrilling game of bridge, which can be far more absorbing than a cartoon character getting in your face many times too often.

Oriana is a beautiful vessel on which to cross oceans, and she is slated to undertake a voyage across the Pacific, beginning in Sydney and ending in San Francisco.

To make the voyage more enjoyable, Oriana is taking the long way around, heading first south to New Zealand’s Milford Sound, then rounding the South Island to dock near Christchurch.

She then visits the capital Wellington and Auckland before finally heading east towards the America’s.

Oriana will also visit Bora Bora in French Polynesia, and the port of Papeete in Tahiti, before crossing to Honolulu, then completing the leg to San Francisco.

This is a voyage for those who truly love the sea and who quite enjoy being well out of sight of land.

The voyage is scheduled to depart Sydney in February, 2012.

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