Top Eleven Train Rides

It takes seven days, seven time zones, an inescapable vodka hangover and somewhat lousy food . . . → Read More: Top Eleven Train Rides

Iznik Turkey

Nicea was an important centre in late Roman and Byzantine times. . . . → Read More: Iznik Turkey

Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Crowds flock to the bazaar which attracts a daily average of 250,000 patrons . . . → Read More: Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Hagia Sophia Istanbul

Two earthquakes hit within the next 20 years and the great dome collapsed so the church was rebuilt for a fourth time . . . → Read More: Hagia Sophia Istanbul

Turkey is Tops for Tourists

Turkey has a diverse coastline of bays, beaches, coves and peninsulas which offer an abundant variety of activities in a climate that is quite kind . . . → Read More: Turkey is Tops for Tourists