Taormina, Sicily’s little secret

You climb about 200 metres from sea level to get there, and the first thing that greets you is the amazing views of the Ionian Sea coastline and of Sicily’s active volcano Mt. Etna . . . → Read More: Taormina, Sicily’s little secret

Abruzzo Region Italy

The landscape begins in the rugged peaks of the Apennine Mountains then falls away to sweep down the valleys to the Adriatic coastline . . . → Read More: Abruzzo Region Italy

The Scenic Great Dolomite Road Italy

If you are mad you can drive yourself, or if you are crazier you can ride one of the local buses . . . → Read More: The Scenic Great Dolomite Road Italy

The white truffles of Alba

It is generally agreed that Alba is the best place in the world to get white truffles . . . → Read More: The white truffles of Alba

Freaky Food Festivals

Participants consumed an average of 50kg of bull and bison testicles . . . → Read More: Freaky Food Festivals