Japan fast facts

The Capital of Japan is Tokyo, and the population of Greater Tokyo is considered to be the largest in the world, consisting of 35 million people. . . . → Read More: Japan fast facts

Discount airport parking

On a cost per square metre/foot basis your car cost a lot more for its little space than you would pay for your own dwelling . . . → Read More: Discount airport parking

Tokyo for free

At the 11-story Sony Building you can fiddle with high-tech gizmos that won’t be on sale in Britain for at least a year . . . → Read More: Tokyo for free

Toden Arakawa Tramway Tokyo

The tramway actually runs through the northern and eastern suburbs of Tokyo . . . → Read More: Toden Arakawa Tramway Tokyo

Osaka Castle

The castle is not only a museum, but its gardens are popular with locals and visitors . . . → Read More: Osaka Castle