Japan fast facts

The Capital of Japan is Tokyo, and the population of Greater Tokyo is considered to be the largest in the world, consisting of 35 million people. . . . → Read More: Japan fast facts

Deeply Mesmerising Lake Baikal Russia

The lake is so huge that it contains 20% of the entire world’s unfrozen fresh water . . . → Read More: Deeply Mesmerising Lake Baikal Russia

Ekaterinburg Russia

Geographically, the city sits on the spot where Europe and Asia meet . . . → Read More: Ekaterinburg Russia

Preserving Sikote-Alin Russia

The mountains are now being preserved because of the rare and endangered species which still exist there . . . → Read More: Preserving Sikote-Alin Russia

Yeti Park Siberia

They offer one million roubles to anyone who can catch a yeti and prove its existence . . . → Read More: Yeti Park Siberia