Top Eleven Train Rides

It takes seven days, seven time zones, an inescapable vodka hangover and somewhat lousy food . . . → Read More: Top Eleven Train Rides

Pichi Richi Railway

As the train navigates its way up the steep, curving gradients you can feel the locomotive working hard at near maximum power . . . → Read More: Pichi Richi Railway

Spring into Alice’s Station

The walls are solid and well insulated, which is important in a place like Alice Springs, where temperatures can fluctuate throughout the year . . . → Read More: Spring into Alice’s Station

Travelling The Ghan

Despite the smallness of the compartment, it contained all the necessities for a comfortable journey . . . → Read More: Travelling The Ghan

Dissecting Australia on The Ghan

Despite its size The Ghan has a very intimate feel . . . → Read More: Dissecting Australia on The Ghan