Time to ramp up the visitors

we should be targeting the Luxembourgers to convince them to come and visit Australia to spend their hard-earned Euros . . . → Read More: Time to ramp up the visitors

Vogalonga Regatta Venice

What started off as a small gathering of around 500 local boats from Venice is now an international gathering of over 1500 boats . . . → Read More: Vogalonga Regatta Venice

Memorable Food Good and Bad

One of the great joys of travelling is to get to know a country through its food . . . → Read More: Memorable Food Good and Bad

Cruising Venice by barge

A unique cruise that spans the Venetian Lagoon and the River Po Valley to the Renaissance city of Mantua . . . → Read More: Cruising Venice by barge

Walking the Doge

Despite its considerable size, the multi-coloured fa├žade decorations and the splendid perforation of the Gothic loggias, like stone lace, give us an elegant structure that isn’t heavy in appearance . . . → Read More: Walking the Doge