Green Head

Green Head is a place in which to relax and to potter about fishing, boating or swimming. It is great for families who want a relatively cheap holiday that is not too far from Perth. . . . → Read More: Green Head

Kings Park Wildflowers

Western Australia has over 12,000 varieties of wildflowers, most of which are unique to the state. Kings Park has an abundance of these wildflowers, many grouped into the regions from which they hail. Although the botanic gardens feature these wildflowers in ordered garden beds, which are quite dazzling in the variety and depth of colours, the major part of Kings Park is natural bushland, and to walk along the many bush trails at this time is almost like an attack on the ocular senses so vivid is the range of plants you can enjoy entirely in their natural state. . . . → Read More: Kings Park Wildflowers

Wildflowers of Western Australia

The sight of hundreds of kilometres of land glowing with carpets of reds, whites, yellows and purples is absolutely astounding . . . → Read More: Wildflowers of Western Australia

Avon is calling at Brookton

There are many reserves and places near Brookton which have been preserved well enough for the native flora and fauna to flourish . . . → Read More: Avon is calling at Brookton

Cape Naturaliste is naturally magnificent

Cape Naturaliste is magnificent all year, but is particularly colourful during August and September when the wildflowers are in season . . . → Read More: Cape Naturaliste is naturally magnificent