Tallest Points on Each Continent

It is generally acknowledged that there are seven continents in the world; although some people argue that there is in fact only six, and that Europe and Asia forms the one land mass, so should be considered as one continent. Then again, you could take that theory to another conclusion which is that Africa is connected to Asia, as all three form the one continent, as do the two Americas, which are connected by a land bridge. Which only leaves Australia and Antarctica as the only continents that are actually separated from all others.

We won’t do that, we’ll just assume that there are seven continents, and just consider the tallest point on each continent, beginning with the lowest continent which is:

Australia – its highest point is Mt Kosciuszko which towers to just 2228 metres (7310 ft), and it doesn’t even offer a challenge to climbers as there is quite a good road to the summit. Australia is the world’s flattest continent because it is also the world’s oldest. It used to have volcanoes and plenty of seismic activity, which builds mountains, but today it is seismically benign and most of the really tall mountains have been weathered away over millions of years.

Next is Antarctica, which is the only continent not to have a permanent human population. Its highest point is the Vinson Massif as 4897 mtrs (16,066 ft). Antarctica has the tallest average height of all the continents because the ice can be two to three kilometres thick in the interior.

Europe is next tallest, and the surprise for most people is that Mt Elbrus, in Russia, is the tallest European mountain with a height of 5642 mtrs (18,510 ft). Mt Blanc on the border of France and Italy is quite a bit lower at 4807 mtrs or 15,771 ft.

Africa is next with the dormant volcano Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania dramatically soaring above those massive plains to a height of 5895 mtrs (19,340 ft).

In North America, Mt McKinley in Alaska is the highest mountain on that continent as it rises to an impressive 6194 mtrs (20,320 ft).

South America is the second highest continent in the world, and the Andean peak Aconcagua, in Argentina, rises to a height of 6960 mtrs (22,834 ft).

The highest continent on earth, by a good height, is Asia which contains the world’s highest, and probably most famous, mountain, Mt Everest which pierces the atmosphere to a staggering height of 8850 mtrs (29,035 ft), which means that if you point the highest point of Australia on top of the highest point of South America, it would only just pip the incredibly impressive Mt Everest.

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