Temple Street night market Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a reputation for being a shopping paradise, and it is difficult to think of any place that has more opportunity to buy than Hong Kong.

Some of the best places to make your purchase are in the street markets, and one of the best of these is the Temple Street Night Markets, which are located in, you guessed it, Temple Street in Kowloon.

The markets are located in the districts of Jordan and Yau Ma Tei, not far off Nathan Road, which is Kowloon’s main commercial area.

At night Temple Street really comes alive as cars disappear off the street and the stall holders move in, erecting their steel, canvas and plastic tent-like stalls.  They need the plastic because when it rains in Honk Kong it really pours down, and the plastic at least provides some level of protection.

It’s a very colourful place to be as the stalls are all well lit and music blares out from the CD stalls with the very latest sounds of either western or Chinese recording artists.  This is the pace for cheap watches, which do work even if they may not be as well known as the brand watches, toys, souvenirs, lethal-looking knives and weapons, DVDs .  These DVDs may not be genuine, but possibly are.  I say that because first run movies are often copied, but once a DVD has been released for a while, genuine discs can be bought in bulk very cheaply and still sold cheaply and profitably by the stall holder.    

Certainly, the accessories – bags, handbags, sunglasses, etc are not genuine.  If the hand bag that you buy for a few HK dollars has Gucci, or other well known name on it, it is not real.  Personally, I wouldn’t be bothered buying anything with an upmarket label on it, because even if you did go the official store to make your purchase, people will still think you bought a cheap copy somewhere in Asia.

Clothes.  Yes, you can buy clothes in Temple Street.  Any sort of clothes: men’s, women’s, kid’s, and you have a lot of choice.  Bear in mind that there are not a lot of change rooms in Temple Street, so unless you like dropping your gear in front of hundreds of strangers, you may not get the chance to try them on, and your garment may not fit properly when you get it home.

Temple Street is also great for food – oodles of noodles and just about anything else.  Hong Kong food is great, eat local as often as you can.  Few people adore food more than the Chinese, and Hong Kong residents love food more than most, and they know their quality.  If a small restaurant of stall has lots of locals eating there, try it yourself, because it will be good.

The easiest way to get to Temple Street is by the MTR, the Hong Kong subway system.  Alight at Jordan Station, take Exit A, turn right into Jordan Rd and then right into Temple Street – trust me, you won’t be able to miss it!

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