Tempting Tanunda South Australia

TanundaEntranceI have to say that the town of Tanunda in the Barossa Valley region of South Australia has possibly the prettiest entrance to any town that I have visited. When you enter the town from the south, travelling from Gawler and Adelaide.

Visitors are greeted by a welcoming arch, courtesy of the Jacob’s Creek winery, and an amazing avenue of flowers that are terraced up either side of the narrow Main Street. you pass this charming and inviting welcoming array to enter a town that is just loaded with some stunningly attractive and well-preserved, well-cared for heritage buildings, both domestic and commercial, the quality of which just urge you to stay a while.

Tanunda is considered to be the heart of the Barossa Valley, and the most over riding attitude you glean from the locals is the passion that they hold for their town and the produce that is grown in the Barossa. Having sampled some of the produce, I understood why the local providores are so keen to support their local farmers a everything was fresh, seasonal and of the highest quality.

Unlike most of the other states of Australia, South Australia was never a penal colony, and those first arrivals landed there not because they had no choice in the matter, but because they chose to do so with the object of prospering in a new land.

The first settlers in Tanunda were German immigrants who were seeking religious freedom, and the town has four Lutheran churches, including a couple of magnificent churches on the Main Street. They were very industrious farmers who first planted grapes to satisfy their own desire to enjoy good wine. It turns out that the Valley`s rich soils and pleasant Mediterranean climate were ideal for growing wine grapes which produced magnificent wines. So, almost by default, Tanunda`s main industry was born.

Shopping in Tanunda was surprisingly comprehensive, as it has plenty of gift stores and boutiques. The largest store I saw was Wohlers, which covers almost an entire block, and was chock-a-block with furnishings, homewares and collectibles.

There are some excellent restaurants in the town, and loads of cafes plus three pubs. One of these contains a large restaurant called The Clubhouse, which is indeed a private club hat welcomes members and visitors alike. The meal that I had was both delicious and huge, and represented very good value.

Tanunda is both an attractive and an interesting town, one in which you could spend several hours just browsing to enjoy its facilities and exploring its plethora of supeerb heritage buildings.

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