The Other Tower in Kuala Lumpur

Petronas_TowersIt is probably fairly true to summise that the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur is that city’s best known tourist attraction.

I have been up to Twin Towers and it is indeed a great attraction and a good viewpoint from which to observe the city. However, in my opinion, it is not the best place from which to view Kuala Lumpur.

On a nearby hill is the KL Menara Tower, a communications tower with a height of 421 metres (1,381 ft) that has both an observation deck and a revolving restaurant atop it. Although this tower is not as well known as its twin counterpart it is well worth the trouble to visit the tower and take the lift to the top.

The view from the observation tower, on a clear day, is simply superb. Unlike the Petronas Twin Towers, you can get a genuine 360 degree view of the city. You also get excellent views from the Twin Towers, but it is a totally different experience, particularly as one of the towers does disturb your view.

At the Menara Tower there is no such obstruction, and from its lofty height you do get a very perception of KL’s layout, and can easily see landmarks, such as the Royal Palace, and the Genting Highlands.

There is, of course, a fee to reach the top of the tower, but this varies depending on whether you are visiting the observation deck, or the revolving restaurant.

If you are just planning to visit the observation deck then the fee is good for one trip. However, if you pay the extra to visit the restaurant, then you are able to ascend the tower during daylight and also at night on the same day, in order to enjoy the lights of KL.

Kuala Lumpur has many one way streets and hills, which means any journey by road is quite circuitous, giving you the impression that it is a massive city. From the tower you can see that the city is actually a lot more compact than you realise, and it is easy to trace the movements you have made around the city.

There are a few shops at the entrance to the tower, plus some other attractions like an F1 simulator centre, coral aquarium and 6D film attraction.

The tower is an enjoyable attraction, but is obviously better to visit on a clear day or at night to enjoy the lights.

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