The Worst of the Worst Places

wtrplltnNormally on these pages I try to introduce you to some fantastic places to visit.

The world is full of marvelous places.  Some are spectacularly beautiful; others rugged and desolate but also compelling.  Many cities are filled with museums which display the world’s most magnificent artworks, or are very vibrant places where life can be full and exciting.

As each on of us is unique, we are individually amazed or excited or desperately attracted to different elements on our Earth.  Most of us live in good communities which allow us a reasonable level of wealth, a plethora of activities in which to participate, good accommodation, a variety of food, clean water and good health services.

Unfortunately, there are places on Earth that do not offer much, or indeed any, of these basic commodities.

On place where you can see the best and worst places to live is on the website online masters in public health which is actually a resource tool for those looking to complete degrees in public health.

According to their website “Public Health is the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health through organized efforts, and informed choices. In our modern day and age we have more resources, technology, and opportunity to do just that.”

There is information on the website that is vitally important, and is actually a great information tool for those who wish to travel internationally.  I believe that in order to get the most out of your trip, you should have some information about your destination before you arrive there, just so you have some point of reference when you begin your travels.

Firstly, they have an infographic called The Worst Places In The World which deals with average live expectancy , deaths per 100,000 people,  murders per 100,000, GDP per capita, water sources and pollution levels for all parts of the world.  Some of the statistics are quite terrifying, and you can connect to that information here.

Their other infographic that is equally disturbing concerns water poverty, which can be accessed here.

It tells us that 1 in 8 children lack access to decent water, and that death by lack of sanitation kills one child every 20 seconds, which is a deplorable situation.

On this website I actively promote travel, because I believe that the more we visit places the better understanding of the world we will have, and the more able we will be to determine our place in the world.

Travel, though, involves more than just personal pleasure.  It is a window to the world, and through travel the funds we spend can go a long way towards increasing the prosperity, and hence services, for the people who live in the places we visit.





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