Tiger Airways tardy at giving refunds

Tiger Airways is a Singapore-based no frills airline with a large presence in Australia. The airline prides itself on offering cheap flights.

All well and good, but Tiger has also proved that it is much better at taking customer’s money than returning money it owes.

A friend of mine purchased tickets on Tiger Airways for flights from Perth to Avalon Airport near Melbourne.  Avalon Airport suited him as he was going to attend the annual air show at that airport.

The trouble was that Tiger Airways changed the flights.  To its credit, the airline offered passengers the choice of a flight change or refund.  My friend opted for the refund as the alternative flight offered did not suit his plans.

When you purchase tickets with Tiger you have to pay the full cost, plus charges there and then.  If you wish to delay payment then you may miss out on purchasing the tickets that you need.  This is explained on the Tiger website, and it is not an issue.

However, you would think that if Tiger offers you a refund because of a change that they made, that refund would be returned to you at approximately the same speed that you need to pay them.

Wrong! It seems that Tiger likes to hang onto your money long after it should have been returned to the purchaser.

My friend cancelled his flight over eight weeks ago and so far no sign of the refund.   This despite the fact that he has phoned them several times (they have a call centre in a third world country somewhere – no doubt to save costs).  He has also tried to fax Tiger using the fax number that they advertise on their website, only to find that it doesn’t seem to be a genuine number!  I tried it too – the phone rings, but is not answered.

My friend has discovered that not only is Tiger’s customer service extremely poor, they insist on hanging on to money that is not theirs.  They like to grab, but they do not like to give back.

So despite weeks of waiting, and of talking to Tiger’s so-called customer care people to absolutely no avail, Tiger Airways continues to act despicably and not return what is not rightfully theirs.

Beware all you prospective Tiger customers!

The irony is that my friend re-booked the tickets with Qantas, and airline that is not a no frills airline but a full service airline, and got his tickets for cheaper than he could get them with Tiger once all of their additional charges were taken into account.

To paraphrase William Blake’s excellent poem The Tiger:

Tiger, Tiger burning bright; They snatch your money, it’s out of sight.

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