Tracing the Tudors

The House of Tudor was a Royal dynasty which led England from 1485 until 1603, and it was a time which saw great change in England ranging from a split from the Catholic Church to declare King Henry VIII Supreme Governor of the Church of England, to the ascension of England as the mightiest power in Western Europe thanks to the exploration of great seafarers such as Sir Francis Drake, and the domination of England’s navy.

It was during the reign of the Tudors that saw great strides in the intellectual and artistic maturity of the English; during this period writers, poets and playwrights such a Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe, Ben Johnson and William Shakespeare re-defined the English language to express ideas that remain fresh 400 years later.

For history buffs, and those who just like to delve into the past, there are now a number of tours which relive those times by visiting many of the sites at which historical events took place.

Designed by Ambient Events, there are four organised tour itineraries which are labelled On the Trail of the Tudors.  Each tour is of 7 days/6 nights duration.  

The first tour centres around the Tudor Monarchs and its aim is to brings alive the story of the scandals and intrigues surrounding the Tudor Kings and Queens, particularly King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth 1. This tour visits Hampton Court Palace and includes a visit of the King’s Apartments.  It also visits Hever Castle, home of Anne Boleyn and Anne of Cleves, Sudeley Castle, Ludlow Castle and Kenilworth Castle.

The Influential Tudors tour concentrates are re-visiting the sites where the powerbrokers wielded their influence with often brutal consequences. This itinerary includes a walking tour of Cambridge and an authentic Tudor feast.

For the Tudor Poets and Playwrights tour you visit bith the Globe and the Rose Theatre, there are visits to Cambridge and Oxford and, naturally, to Stratford-Upon-Avon where guests attend a performance of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The fourth of the On the Trail of the Tudors tours is devoted to the adventures and explorers and follows the adventures of Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Richard Grenville and Sir Francis Drake.  This tour is necessarily nautical in nature and visits Greenwich and the National Maritime Museum, Portsmouth, Plymouth and Southampton.

These tours visit many stately castles and homes, each of which has a history that is relevant to the Tudor Kings and Queens, and those around them who had political, military and artistic merit.  The Tudors and their minions were very interesting characters, and these tours give you the opportunity to re-live a period which saw England enhance its influence to become a super power.

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