Unlocking a ship

Modern cruise ships are just like modern hotels, at least as far as security is concerned.  With, sometimes, hundreds of cabins, they no longer tend to use the old key in the lock system, but have adopted the electronic key that is so popular with hotels.

It seems that there is a master key for all these door locks, and the man in charge of that key is the captain.

You wouldn’t think that a highly trained captain who has years of experience at sea and who is charge of a multi-million dollar vessel would ever be silly enough to lose their master key.  Apparently it does happen, and the loss of the master key is more common than you think for those in the electronic security door industry have a name for to describe the loss – it’s called “the walk”.

Why is it called the walk?  Simply because it is the master key, containing the data for every door on board a ship, and if it is lost, the code for each door must be re-calibrated to lock out use of the master key.

One member of the crew is issued with a new key and must walk to every door to change the security code.  As you can imagine, on a vessel with hundred of cabins, “the walk” will take many hours, and will cover many miles – just because the captain got a little bit forgetful.

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