Waiting for devils in Tasmania

Ever wanted to get up close but not so personal with a Tasmanian Devil, then King’s Run in northwest Tasmania may be just the place to do it.

The Tasmanian Devil is the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial, and they have a reputation for having a cantankerous disposition.  Early European settlers dubbed it a “devil” after witnessing such displays, which include teeth-baring, lunging, and an array of spine-chilling guttural growls. They’re the type of animal that you really want to look at but not touch, otherwise you may lose a few fingers.

Kings Run Wildlife Tours are interpretive wildlife tours of a stunning coastal property near the Tasmanian town of Marrawah.

The property was formerly used for cattle grazing, but today this spectacular private land near Marrawah is dedicated to protecting Tasmania’s unique native wildlife.

The main feature of King’s Run is its nocturnal wildlife; you’ll see an abundance of wallabies, bandicoots, spotted-tail quolls and even the elusive Tasmanian devil. Geoff King has developed a method of viewing the devil in the wild so you can see the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial in its natural environment.

From Geoff’s rustic fisherman’s shack you’ll be able to watch through the window as these fascinating creatures feed on the road-killed animal Geoff has picked up. You’ll experience a range of devil behaviour and noises, picked up by a sound monitor hidden outside, as more devils come to feed on the carcass.

In order to prevent devils becoming dependent on Geoff’s feeding the tour operates no more than five days in a fortnight and no more than three days in a row.  Bookings for this fascinating experience can be made through their website.

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