Walking with eagles in Tyrol Austria

Hiking is a very popular summer activity in Europe, and one of the best walks you can do is the Eagle Walk through the Tyrol region of Western Austria.

The complete walk follows a 1480 kilometre route from St. Johann to St. Anton am Arlberg, but it is divided into 126 segments so that you need only do as much of the walk as you have either the time or the inclination for.

The Eagle Walk follows a number of designated trails that are all well marked so that you can’t lose your way.  Walkers are able to choose a route that has a degree of difficulty which best suits their level of fitness, ranging from easy through to hard.  Basically, the harder a section is the more mountainous it will be, and in some areas it is recommended that walkers hire a guide.

The path wends its way over several mountains, and traverses the Wilder Kaiser Mountain Range, the Brandenberger Alps and the Lechtal Alps.  It also passes glaciers, lakes and thick forests, as well as many attractive towns and villages where you can experience typical Tyrolean hospitality.

Each section of the walk typically starts in a valley, before heading upwards through forests and passes the tree line.  There are huts along the walk where hikers can take a break, and plenty of accommodation for those wanting to spend a few days in the mountains.

The Eagle Walk was formally initiated just 5 years ago, and is so named because when you look at the complete walk on a map it resembles the image of an eagle with its wings spread wide.

Walking is a very personal way of getting to know a place, because you see it at your own pace, and connect with the countryside.  The Eagle Walk will introduce you to some of the best scenery in Europe, and promises to allow you a truly wonderful experience.

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